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The Visiul Artbeat\'te Artgalerimle ilgili Özlem Alıcı ile Röportaj

VAB: What was your motivation for starting a contemporary art gallery?
OA:  When my interest in art arose long time ago I just wanted to bring it to a different point. I started selling original works via my website that I indeed created for selling digital printing works online. The joy that I felt at the artist workshop that I visited for this purpose caused me to produce a culture-art show on TV. Then it developed so fast and I wanted to concentrate on the type of art that I enjoyed when I started my own gallery. There is no greater motivation than working with what you love and believe in.
VAB: What do you look for in artists that you are going to represent?
OA : First of all, I should believe in their works. I should believe in their works so that I can own them.
VAB: Although your gallery is quite young, it has become one of the galleries that are closely followed by the important collectors of Istanbul. What is the secret behind this momentum?
OA: They believe in me and trust me. And I never disappoint them. You need to keep up to date and that’s why I visit the fairs abroad. Moreover, I believe that I am making correct choices.
VAB: How do you think Turkish collector select works?
OA: The number of real collectors in Turkey is quite few. I call those that buy works of art simply as “buyers of  art”. Unfortunately, they are not buying consciously either. They buy works of art upon the insistence of gallery owner or just to keep up with the fashion instead of buying based on their own experiences and visual impressions. The idea “Does art has fashion?” doesn’t sound good however this is reality.
VAB: You follow the fairs in Istanbul very closely and participation in fairs is very important for you. Do you have any plans for expanding overseas in near future?
OA: We participate in fairs in İstanbul and I especially make much of Contemporary Istanbul. It is an internationally successful fair. I have visited various art fairs in many countries till now. I would like to take part in overseas fairs as a participant from now on.

Translations by Alper Yikilgan
Picture left Gallery owner Ozlem Alici
Picture right Acelem yok by Gursel Soyel