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Eva Petrič

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01 Temmuz - 01 Eylül 2016

Born on 1983 in Kranj, Slovenia. After graduating with a high level IB art program, at UNIS New York City in 2002; she has received her education in eight schools in seven different countries on three different continents. She works in art photography, painting, video, projections, performance and writing and lives in Vienna, Austria, and in Ljubljana, Slovenia.
The span of my artistic practice, reaching from photography and video to installation and further on through performance to writing, may appear to be very broad. However, using various media seems indispensable to me. When moving from one cultural space to another, which has been "my way" since I can remember, I spontaneously reached for the media at hand to be able to communicate and be understood. My motivation behind the use of the media now is to create space: physical space, mental space, visible space inside space, imaginary space, metaphorical space, all defined by atmosphere. To me, atmosphere of spaces, the atmosphere, which a certain space is able to bring about, is the most essential. Each media creates a unique atmosphere that differs from others, despite their common aim – to communicate. Photography, equalizing past and future into present, as of now defines me best. I am interested in creating spaces and so I strive to make photographs, be these in the form of images or installations, that are by themselves powerful enough to change the space around them in such a way that they suck viewers in. From the existing spaces I am challenged to develop new space(s). I take the space and develop it further, by extending it, changing it, adapting it to an already existing space, out of which or inside of which potential exists for even many more spaces. I am interested in the phenomena of exponenting – on how may exponents I can reduce a certain existing physical space and/or transform it into many more. By “playing” with various perspectives that are enabled to me by using various media, from photography, performance, literature, installation to video and film, I try to acquire the characteristics of a bird, aiming for the clouds!